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WomanPower Global Network invites and calls together women of all ages and colors around the world to join a new movement of "women who empower women to empower women." We are distinguished not only by our achievements in business, the arts, the professions, government, academia and more...but also by our compassion and humanity and respect for the environment and issues that effect it." This is a personal invitation to join other influential career women in establishing a network of movers and shakers with the sole purpose of empowering women to empower women in the government, academia, business, entertainment, art & culture, music, theater, dance, holistic and allopathic medicine & science, spirituality and subjects germane to women. Through commonalities and curiosity, seeking minds we are connecting world wide and forging friendships and empowering one another in business, professional, personal and community work globally through digital networking. Tamm E Hunt Executive Produccer

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