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Terms and Conditions

TownZoneTv Service Terms of Service
In no event shall TownZoneTv (or it's employees) be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special and exemplary damages, or any damages whatsoever, stemming from the use or performance of any information, products and services provided through this web site, even if this web site has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Although TownZoneTv does its best to maintain the information, products and services it offers on the Website, it cannot be held responsible for any mistakes, faults, lost profits or other consequential damages arising from the use of TownZoneTv products. (All payments for events are paid directly to the Broadcaster's paypal )not (-Broadcasters pay a fee (Event Plans ) depending how many viewers they would like to charge to watch the live stream )  




For viewers - Please check all devices that you are using to view an event paid or free to see if it can view the  stream - by creating your own channel and broadcasting  something live to see if your device  you are using  to watch a live vent will work .


No refunds for paid events  from viewers who watch more than 30 minutes -


Due to the ability of being able to watch a paid event and then  be able to request or easily ask for  a refund in bad faith . We encourage all broadcasetrs to make a copy of the event on a DVD etc... and give a copy  to settle disputes regarding this matter  or some another arrangement they may agree upon . Viewers  have the right to  argue this  (only if the event never started or took place )



Reasons why -



1) Some viewers know they  have a bad internet connection and will easily blame it on the Broadcastyers - If your not able to watch youtube style video's most likely the stream will not work for you plese check first. (we use youtube as an example becuase their video fromat usally  works for most internet browsers and devices ) plese check first



2) Viewers might be able to purchase a ticket threw a device  like phones but not be able to watch from the device- we have stated that your will need to test it yourself first . It's not up to the broadcaster or to make your device work - Most up to date devices will work .



3) The viewers are just wanting a refund back for no reason after watching  the full event and are trying to   scam Broadcasters - it's way to easy do that and has been done a lot in the pass.