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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I embed my channel on other websites?

The Townzonetv player can be embedded on most websites, like for example MySpace. Simply customize your player and paste the code into the HTML editor on the site or section of MySpace where you wish to embed it.

Can I limit my broadcast to a specific geographic area (geolocation)?

Currently, you cannot limit your broadcast to a specific geographic location though it is on our development roadmap.

Am I allowed to create adult Premium channels?

No. Adult content violates our Terms of Use , Unless it's a (Paid Event, no Adult picture previews etheir).

Do I need to be an experienced editor or videographer to create my own Viano TV Portal channel?

Townzonetv is breakthrough technology designed for all users, from simple, casual use to professional live production. All that is needed is the desire to communicate, inform, and entertain. If you can use blog publishing platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, you should have no problem using Viano TV Portal

What do you mean when you call it 'Live' Broadcasting?

When we say live, we really mean "live"! Our unique, patent-pending technology allows Townzonetv to virtually eliminate the now infamous 20-second delay common in the live streaming process. With Townzonetv, the viewer experiences what the producer has put on the air in less than one second. Everyone watching your channel sees exactly the same thing you see as you produce it. Think of the possibilities: you can use your web cam to cover a "live" news or sports event as it happens, spontaneously introduce and play back prepared clips, and switch back to your live camera with ease.

Do I need to worry about copyright issues?

In addition to your own original programming, you can use existing copyright-free content on your broadcast. It is your responsibility to make sure the content you broadcast contains no copyright infringements. Viano TV Portal will shut down any account that is breaching content copyrights. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional details.

What is the best format to use when uploading high video quality?

For best results, we recommend using VP6 encoded to Townzonetv specs using the "use file as master" option. If not doing this we recommend .mov (Quicktime) or .wmv (Windows Media) with MPEG4 or H.264 compression and it will be transcoded. The video should have at least 320x240 resolution.

What is the maximim number of viewers who can watch my channel?

We currently don't have any theoretical upper limit for the number of viewers on a Premium or Verified channel. The maximum number of concurrent viewers that we've observed on one channel has been in excess of 10,000.

I have forgotten my password. How do i log back into the site?

Click on Forgotten Password, enter the email you used when you first joined the site, we will then send you a temporary password. You can then login and select a new password of your choice.

I'm trying to purcahse a ticket, but keep getting this (pending mesaage )

Here are a couple of reason - - you've click on the ticket, it took you to the paypal payment page ,but you didn't pay at that time and you tried coming back and you got a message saying something like this (payment is pending ,please try again in 5 minutes ) This is becuase the systems is trying to hold a ticket spot for you , so you would then have to wait about 5 to 15 minutes and try again - it will then take you to the paypal payment page . If you have done this and are still getting the (pending message ) please - refresh your cookies and wait 5 to 15 minutes this should reslove the problem and if your still having trouble - it's probably do to what you use to surf the internet , Google chrome depending on the setting will block all security pertected pages like paypal payment pages ,login to yahoo secure pages, bank login, etc... You might get a message like this - The server security certificate is revoked - Internet explorer is better to use in this case if you getting that message using google chrome - Try the first steps with Internet Explorer . will work - we tested it out when we see viewers having this type of problems -